As everyone knows geometry is mobile and steam game and this game has features of several achievements that could be unlocked by certain ways like completing demon rated levels, adding friends, rating custom levels, liking or disliking online levels and completing official levels. Once you unlock the achievement, player is rewarded with the certain colors, trails or icons. It has three secret vaults and first one could be unlocked by acquiring silver user coins. The second one is getting diamonds and third with emblem. It has practice mode and it might be used for any level and checkpoints are available in practice mode.

The check points are marked by the diamond shaped gems, green and resembling from the sim series. If you surf like geometry dash online then you may get more numbers of the results. This game has awesome gameplay and features so you can thoroughly enjoy the game. There are more numbers of the features are associated with this game such as plenty of level with unique soundtracks, no in app purchase, use practice mode to sharpen your skills and fly rockets.

The player must complete your own level with all coins in the normal mode. In a game, each user created level is having unique id which could be used to play level without searching name. Custom level is quiet similar to the user created level but it is classified by difficulty. Currently geometry dash is having seven levels that is currently available in free to play.